Meet Top 1% Realtor and Bank Owner of Prime One Home Loans, Benaisha Poole-Watson


Born in Los Angeles, California to an immigrant mother from Guatemala and African-American father. At the age of 7, Benaisha became a latch key kid, walking home from school, past gang members, drug dealers, and prostitutes through the streets of South-Central Los Angeles’s Crenshaw District. Early on, she was exposed to losing many classmates and in the 6th grade experienced her first friend being killed by gang violence.

Benaisha Poole-Watson
Benaisha Poole-Watson
Benaisha Poole-Watson
Benaisha Poole-Watson

At the age of 17, she completed high school early with honors, took a weekend off and started college where she went on to complete a Bachelors in Criminal Justice, a Double Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Political Management from George Washington University and a Law Degree from the University of Maryland. By age 19, Benaisha became a Mom working 50 hours+ a week to make a better life for her child, in various jobs such as joining the Military, becoming a Flight Attendant, and working in Law Enforcement (United States Air Force for 9 years).

Today, Benaisha Poole-Watson is known throughout the country as being listed in the Top 1% of Realtors in America with over 400 homes sold a year. Benaisha has been recognized as a Real Estate Investor, Developer, and Builder of Custom Homes and also the Owner of The Bailey-Watson Real Estate Group with licensed Agents across the nation.

Benaisha is the proud owner of her own Federally Chartered Bank, Prime One Lending Group/Prime One Home Loans, where she is operating as a Direct Lender. Prime One Home Loans is a direct lender, Fannie Mae approved.

Benaisha Poole Watson Quick Facts:
-Sells 400+ homes yearly (for the past 3.5-4 years)
-Has realtors all over the nation, every state
-Is in the top 1% of realtors in America
-Owns her own bank, Prime One Home Loans
-Member of National Association of Real Estate Brokers (only Black Female in leadership)
-Gives back to her community and helps educate and sponsor activities to enrich the community
-Is a renowned speaker centered around Women’s Interests, Real Estate, Mortgages and Lending
-Military Veteran


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