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Airport Parking

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One of my mentees was shocked when I told him that using Uber or Lyft for the airport is a complete waste of money. He said self-parking was the same fee but it’s actually not. It’s MUCH less in most cities by simply doing one thing. Book in advance at my favorite site Rakuten, simply type in “Parking reservations” after you go to https://rakuten.com and you will you pay anywhere from $7 to $20 a day at parking facilities very close to LAX, for example, you also get cash back for your purchase. If you drive up on the day of your trip you are not only risking the lot will be full, you are also going to pay the most money which is what most people do. While Uber and Lyft have their advantages it can also be an incredible waste of money. A ride to the airport can cost you close to $200 back and forth for a 5-day trip that could actually cost you $50.00 to park on your own. Book your parking in advance.

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