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MONEY BACK HACK: 10 EASY Ways to Give YOURSELF a Raise!!!

Capital NONE: Cash Back Credit Cards, Worth it or Not?

Never be fooled by credit cards that offer cash back for what they REALLY do. Yes, you can get cash back BUT their goal is to get you to use the card as much as possible to the point that you can NOT pay the entire balance before 30 days is up. What happens then? You get hit with a very high-interest charge and lose all the cashback and pay additional costs for every month that you don’t pay the entire card off which makes the “cash back” amount a joke. Credit card companies LOVE to lure uneducated consumers who like to waste money, it’s how they stay rich.

If you HAVE to use credit cards, NEVER overextend yourself with cash back cards. Make sure you can pay the entire balance back within 30 days. That’s the only way that YOU benefit. At the end of the day, the money that you make or the points that you get may not even be worth the stress of trying to keep up with all the blackouts and how to use the card. Read on for better ways to keep your own money

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