What Motivates Entrepreneurs?



There are many benefits to becoming an entrepreneur and research indicates small business owners are more satisfied than employees with regard to life conditions, employment opportunities, financial situations, personal safety, health and feeling part of the local community. As an entrepreneur the individual is doing something that they love and are passionate about, and this creates a higher level of job satisfaction. Direct marketing firm Zengo Co says that entrepreneurs often have to work extremely hard and work lengthy hours. But they say that the benefit to this is that they don’t have to be on a strict 9-5 routine and can work around other aspects of their life should they choose to.

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Zengo Co believe that people choose to become entrepreneurs to take advantage of one or more opportunities such as achieving financial independence, working with family or living a chosen lifestyle. But entrepreneurs often face many challenges especially in the first year as a start-up business. Individuals face the challenge of financing their ideas and the risk that their idea will never be a hit or in fact needed by consumers. The ultimate risk for entrepreneurs is, of course, failure. So with all this pressure and inevitable challenges that entrepreneurs face, Zengo Co have looked into what motivates entrepreneurs to keep going when times are tough.

Entrepreneurs seek and desire independence; they want full control over their working conditions and outcomes.

Financial Independence
Many individuals see business ownership as an opportunity to build greater wealth than can be achieved as an employee.

Family Business
Often entrepreneurs can be motivated by the opportunity to build a family business that can provide employment and wealth-generating opportunities for the owners’ spouse, children and extended family members.

Entrepreneurs often have a desired lifestyle in mind and believe that self-employment can offer the opportunity to set their own working hours and conditions to accommodate that lifestyle.

For others it may be the chance to get creative and do something that they really care about and love. Entrepreneurship offers the opportunity to choose the work they undertake, including when and how to do it.

Zengo Co is an outsourced sales and direct marketing company that specializes in face-to-face marketing techniques. The firm connects with consumers on a one-to-one level in order to create personal and long-lasting relationships between their clients’ brands and consumers. Zengo Co strive to improve their clients’ customer acquisition, brand awareness, brand loyalty and drive quality sales using this direct marketing technique.

To encourage entrepreneurship, Zengo Co runs a Business Development Program for every individual involved in their firm. The program gives each individual the opportunity to progress through the firm from sales rep to leadership and gives them the potential to open their own business. The program aims to teach sales skills, leadership traits, decision making techniques and team building as well as many other skills needed to become a good leader and entrepreneur.



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