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Entrepreneur Adrian Miller on Managing Anderson .Paak and his Industry Route

Adrian Miller
Adrian Miller with Shade 45 host Sway

KR: How has your life changed over the last year with the success of Anderson?

AM: Went from a busy week to a flurry of daily busy tasks to address.

KR: What have been some of the hardest yet most important lessons that you have learned in the industry?

AM: Advice from experienced industry vets was to “learn everything”, while your new boss would say, “only do one thing”. I learned everything requires attention to detail and to cultivate you must time your time and go at your own pace.

KR: What’s next for Adrian Miller?

AM: We are still just starting on Anderson .Paak – wait and see the next phase. I will continue to help build structure our business for the brands: OBE, Anderson .Paak, The Free Nationals, NxWorries, etc …s o much more to come. The possibilities are endless. I give thanks for your questions it really made me think Kevin, I applaud you and Radio Facts for the continued support.

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