My greatest lesson learned as an entrepreneur: Ken Wilson, music industry veteran promoter


My greatest lesson learned as an entrepreneur

Ken Wilson

Music Industry Veteran  promoter that helped established J records and has worked with many artists including: Alicia Keyes, Fantasia, Eric Benet, Johnny Gill, the latest project from Janet Jackson and many other  recording artists.

The best lesson that I learned was to build relationships and treat clients and even competitors with respect as you never know who can or will speak on your behalf or write that next check. I had an experience where I met with a possible client and their money fell through after a great deal of planning  and work on my behalf but I was very understanding and let them know my services would be there when they got funded. I did not gripe about the lost time and effort and soon after that this person was so impressed by my attitude and presentation, he directed a major client my way that became a huge deal for my operation.

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