“Pizza Near Me” and 10 Other Big Searches for Services Online


Ever wonder what people search for online most often besides Pizza Near Me? Here is a list of the top things that people constantly search for

pizza near me

Pizza near me

This is one of the top searches online. Americans love pizza, so if you have a pizza business, you have an opportunity to read Kai on Google search engines.

Breakfast near me

People are too busy in the morning to make breakfast even though you’d like to go out and relax on the weekends, so this is another option for restaurant service.

Liquor stores near me

Hopefully, as an entrepreneur, you’re not out looking for this regularly because this could be a sign of a problem, but this is something that people constantly search for and is in the top 40 and if you OWN liquor stores looks like you will never be out of business.

Starbucks near me

This seems pretty obvious, and it makes perfect sense Starbucks is everywhere, and you don’t want to Drive up, and down the street looking for one randomly it’s great to know where they’re located

McDonald’s near me

This is surprising considering fast food is not the best food, but McDonald’s has the most expansive breakfast menu, so it is pretty easy to see that some people want a quick meal I don’t want to pay a lot to Bing go to McDonalds.

Fast food near me this lens itself

People want easy and fast food, apparently.

Urgent care near me

This also makes perfect sense when you have a small emergency you don’t want to go to the emergency room and pay a lot less than you to pay at the hospital. This is a perfect place to go. Urgent care businesses have exploded over the last few years.

Dentist near me

Now this one’s surprising since most people hate going to the dentist, so I would assume that this is an emergency where somebody’s in dire pain and needs to see a dentist.

Gym near me

Do you own a gym(s)? This makes sense people don’t like to use hotel gyms and may not have anything where they live in an apartment complex, and so they’re looking for a gym to go to

Sushi near me

People love sushi no matter where they are they’re going to try to find it

Parks near me

This is an interesting one for the entrepreneur who probably wants to get a break since most of us are very busy and don’t have time to sit around the park so perhaps this one is for exercise or for a break.

Ice cream near me

Considering you could probably get it at the grocery store, this is odd for people to look for, but perhaps they want an ice cream shop over grocery store-bought ice cream if you own an ice cream shop, you’re in luck.

Postal office near me

As it’s getting less and less important for people to mail things, this is an interesting one and as many post offices are closed but there are people still looking online for the post office system.

Apartments near me

This makes perfect sense because anything that’s listed already has a lot of people looking at those apartments, so perhaps this is for the person who wants to find something that’s not in the listed papers. This person is probably looking for hidden gems. So if you’re an entrepreneur with rentals, perhaps you should consider doing an ad on google in your area over posting in the local apartment sites.

Costco Near Me

People who love Costco love Costco, and they know exactly what they’re looking for bigger smart TVs (lol). Costco’s are not easy to find but they are pretty much in most big cities in America.

Coffee near me

Do you have a coffee shop? People are not just looking for Starbucks; they are looking for coffee in the morning PERIOD. So if you have a coffee business, your chances to rank high on Google are pretty good.


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