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Platform for Buying and Selling Small Businesses Launched

BizBenNetwork.com Revolutionizes Buying And Selling Small Businesses

Platform for Buying and Selling Small Businesses Launched

BizBenNetwork.com has created an innovative alternative to classified-based business for sale websites.

 BizBen.com has recently launched a new platform for buying and selling businesses nationwide – BizBenNetwork.com. The new website is an innovation on traditional classified platforms by including features such as automatic matching of business buyer and seller and other online tools that increase user interaction and transactions.

BizBen.com, the first original online platform for buying and selling small businesses, built BizBenNetwork.com upon the insight from the studies and surveys it has conducted over 25 years. The main insight gathered from its research was that current users on classified websites experienced diminishing marginal returns with every increase in effort. BizBenNetwork.com was created with proprietary TruMatch technology (online auto matching of business buyers & sellers), and social-promotional tools that help users buy and sell small businesses within a three months’ time period.

“BizBenNetwork’s TruMatch technology automatically matches members selling businesses with members interested in buying those businesses,” says Peter Siegel, MBA, CEO of BizBenNetwork.com. “Matched members can then communicate easily through the platform’s direct messaging, making deals quicker.”

Along with tools that support making individual deals happen more quickly, BizBenNetwork.com has a blog and discussions section where members can create content to promote themselves and attract more business. Blogs and discussions can be found at the bottom of relevant postings, efficiently spreading helpful information along with rewarding members that contribute content.

Utilizing BizBenNetwork’s features and new network-based model makes it possible to buy or sell a US-based small business in a dramatically shorter period of time.

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