Blog Wallet Tips: 10 Must Haves That Entrepreneurs Need NOW

Some people believe in hoarding information and keeping it to themselves. I don’t believe in that. If I find something great I want to share it with others. To a fault at times but who cares. Here are 10 things that make my life SO much easier that can probably help you too. Click “NEXT” for Next Item Below the Post. Enjoy…

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NeatConnect – WiFi Scanner for Receipts and Documents – $299 Retail

starting a business

Currently, on sale at Staples for $249.00 this is a MUST HAVE for the black entrepreneur. Let’s face it, having a bunch of papers lying around is not necessary anymore. You can scan just about anything with this device. I know people who even use it for photos. It’s automatic and can scan your documents as well as receipts, which are accepted by the IRS if needed for an audit. Receipts go bad after about a year and they fade if you need to use a receipt for anything the purchase from the credit or debit card will not be sufficient for tax purposes. You have to have the receipt. So this is a lifesaver for the black entrepreneur and for anyone else who doesn’t want paper clutter around the house.  I would recommend saving the complete scanned file to an external thumb drive as well as a cloud service along with your desktop. Trust me, you don’t want to lose this file with thousands of receipts in it ESPECIALLY if you throw the receipts away after scanning them.  More info here. 

Save a Blade

Razors are a nuisance and have become incredibly expensive. You use it once then throw it away then you need more. I found this incredible device and took a chance to order from Amazon. You can literally use the same blade 10 or more times. Works with single, double or triple heads. You put the razor in the guide and this gadget sharpens them like new. I swear by it. I’m on my second one in 5 years.  More info here

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George Forman Grill w/Time and Temp – $70.00

Most people are already hip to the George Foreman grill. Most people don’t know he doesn’t actually own the company but lent his name to the product and the rest is super wealth history.  This grill cooks Salmon better than the oven or any other device hands down but here’s the key, get the one with the temp control. It will last you twice as long.

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Nutri Bullet – $90.00

Here’s another device I swear by. I have never seen the kind of power in a blender that I see here. This thing can turn raw carrots into a smoothie. Also great for grinding whole bean coffee (which I do) and anything else when you need a complete blending.

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Fitbit Blaze – $198.00

I am burnt out on buying Apple products every 2 years. No thanks. I was at lunch recently and a guy next to me had on an Apple watch and when we compared what each one does the Blaze did MORE. This device gets your text messages, vibrates when you get calls or texts. Measures your heart rate all day and when working out. This device and others like it can literally save your life and it has saved lives when people noticed their heart rates spiked above normal and made it to the hospital in time before a heart attack. It can also play, rewind and skip your music through your iPhone, has alarms, measures steps and much more for less than the price of the Apple watch. link

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Google Flights –  PRICELESS


You can save a TON of money if you put the info in for you flight 2 weeks to a month in advance. It will email you alerts of price changes which literally happen every day and several times a day with various airlines.

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Another must-have, it compares the prices of ALL the online companies like Expedia,, Priceline etc. I will give you a HUGE tip. If you are a points collector, you may be aware that hotels, for example, will not honor points if you don’t book directly with them. However, when you see a discount price on one of the outside services, always check the hotel’s website or call and you will see that the prices are often the same or a little more but you get the points. Kayak also can be programmed to send alerts to you about price changes.

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Amazon Firestick –  $40.00

I was pissed that I got all my TVs with the Roku stick. Roku pales in comparison to the Firestick. I got rid of cable over a year ago and got Sling instead and love it. The amazon firestick has MANY more channels than Roku and if you subscribe to Amazon prime you get the movies and original programming. Amazon has some great original programming. You cannot buy this device in any store. Amazon only. More info here

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Mutual funds are OK but for the novice trader who likes to keep an eye on his investments, this is a great platform to learn how to trade at approximately 10.00 each. Great customer service to answer all of your questions. You can open an account online with a minimum deposit.

starting a business


starting a business

I LOVE Amazon, even Amazon Prime which I have figured out. They charge a bit more for merchandise and get the mailing fee that way. Once you include your membership fee (about $100 a year) they get all the postage back but it works to your advantage if you buy more expensive items. Plus you get thousands of movies and original programming. That’s it. Hope this helps.



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Kevin Ross
Kevin Ross
Kevin "KevRoss" Ross is a music and radio industry expert. He is a 20 -plus year entrepreneur with the leading most successful industry trade publication and site Radio Facts ( He has also published various books, magazines, performed marketing and promotions for major corporations and recording artists and he is on the advisory board of several industry organizations. This year Ross introduced his non profit organization LOMARI (Leaders of the Music and Recording Industry) to help teach young minority students how to market and manage their music and products.


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