REVIEW: Viceland, What it Takes to Launch a Company in New York “Jammed Up” (entire show)

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Part-time black entrepreneur Ashley Rouse owns a company called Trade Street Jams Co. that she runs out of the Industry City section of New York. She has a great set of jams that she literally thinks of in the middle of the night. Like Chipotle, figs, and strawberries which is her top seller. Ideas in the middle of the night should be no surprise to black entrepreneurs as most of us do indeed have our best ideas come to us in the middle of the night. It would behoove us to have a pad and pen on our nightstands or record your idea into your cell phone notes (which is better).

Ashley’s flavors are a hit but her profit margin for the last year is only $12,000. This is because she’s not all in an she is afraid to quit her full-time job that is unrelated to her company or products. She is, as other black entrepreneurs know all too well STUCK and afraid to take the next leap and the window of opportunity will eventually fail her as with all black entrepreneurs when it comes to growth. She is not hustling enough according to the show’s host, black entrepreneur John Henry. He believes in her and her product and pushes her to believe in her product and herself more. This is a great episode with a lot of powerful lessons for startups. See the full episode below.

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