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Chris Goode, the CEO and founder of Ruby Jean’s Juicery, makes history as one of the first black-owned stores to be incorporated into a major store. Ruby Jean’s Juicery is a juice bar that promotes juice cleansing. The juice store has now opened a site at Whole Foods in Kansas City, Missouri.

Goode attributes his achievement to his late grandmother Ruby Jean, whose name he gave the business, mainly because the business inspiration originated from her state of health. According to a report, a friend of Goode informed him about juice purification, a kind of detox diet in which a person consumes fruit and vegetable juices and thus improves their digestive system.

Goode thought this diet would have benefited his grandmother and that her death at the age of 61 from type 2 diabetes may have been prevented. Goode felt that if she understood the importance of eating healthily, she would not have to suffer.

He now encourages his family to maintain the healthy lifestyle he wanted for his grandmother.

His first juice bar, launched in 2015 in Kansas City, is rated as Missouri’s best juices. In a short while, Whole Foods learnt of Goode’s success and offered him a supply contract, alongside a brick-and-mortar store in their mall. In addition to cold-pressed juices, Ruby Jean’s Juice also sells healthy breakfast and lunch meals for potential customers.

Goode hopes to use the store to inspire more people by telling his grandmother’s story about the necessity of healthy eating and long life.

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