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Small business Tip: Why You MUST Find Your Own Replacement in Times of Need

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Find Your Own Replacement in Times of Need

We get SO caught up in the day-to-day that we rarely consider what would happen if we could NOT work. I have literally seen businesses shut down when the owner got sick or was not able to work. I was talking to a minority entrepreneur who does an entertainment site and he was telling me that he literally works 13 to 15 hour days. I asked him why and he said news keeps coming and he has to be there to post it (see Automate). I personally work 3 hours a day and for me THAT’s too much, this does not include my personal business like bills, accounting, errands, client needs, responding to email etc, when I combine everything, I work about 4.5 hours a day and I’m working on taking that to 3. I can’t imagine working like he does and we primarily do the same thing.  Here are a few tips to what I have done to help put your business on auto pilot. (Click NEXT above or below the post to see the next segment)

Hone in on the employee that thinks and acts the most like you


Find Your Own Replacement in Times of Need

Almost ALWAYS the people who complain about not making enough money to hire someone are the same ones that don’t INVEST in their businesses when they CAN hire someone, even part time or per project, to help so that they CAN make more money. They are thinking in reverse order. In other words, if you want to make more money you HAVE to INVEST more money INTO your operation. Having someone act on your behalf will open the door for you to focus on marketing, client needs, up-selling, educating yourself on new trends and growing your business. You’re gonna have to pull some money from somewhere to do this but we ALL have unnecessary expenses like cable that we never watch or downgrading some of our other utilities or subscriptions which all add up each month. There’s also always the one employee that really comes through that can literally answer your questions in advance, take instructions AND implement very well and think just like you when you are not around. I am SO incredibly blessed to have a great person just like that. Sometimes when you do a niche business, it’s very difficult to find that person because they may not know your business but they can learn and they are GOLD. You MUST find that needle in the haystack and it may take you a while to do so but it truly frees you to do more for your business and it’s the ONLY way you are going to grow without killing yourself.

Eliminate and Automate


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