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small business tips: Carlton Brown, Occasional Occasions by Carlton


Carlton Brown, Occasional Occasions by Carlton

Caterer/Chef/Owner –  Atlanta, GA

Blogwallet: What is the greatest lesson you learned as an entrepreneur?

Carlton: I would say that a lot of entrepreneurs do realize that they have to market their business, but what most don’t seem to get is that imply passing out business cards is NOT marketing. It is important to find your referral partners and potential clients, but it is more important to nurture those relationships. Many go to networking events and pass out cards and sit back and wait for the phone to ring. If you don’t create and nurture your relationships (ie the people that you pass your cards out to and speak to at these networking events), then you would be just as productive simply sitting at home and watching TV. Why would someone you don’t know want to entrust their livelihood or their relationships with YOU if they don’t know anything about who YOU are. Be proactive, sincere and thoughtful in who and what those relationships should be, nurture them, and sit back and watch your business grow.

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