South Florida Jock Uses two Passions to Create Great Small business


Jock combines 2 passions for one great idea

We really love stories like this where jocks take the bull by the horns and create their own LEVERAGE. I capitolise the word leverage because that is PARAMOUNT to success in today’s industry. Working part time at a radio station and waiting for a full time gig to open up can be torture and it can literally take years when you get around all the BS politics, changes in programming and limited opportunities. After a while if you don’t land a full time gig by a certain age, you can get stuck in PT hell and be a 50 year old jock working part time at a station STILL foolishly waiting for your break. By that time, the opportunity is lost. Not waiting for someone else to create his opportunity by creating his own destiny beforehand is going to actually makes this man even MORE valuable to the station he works at as well as other stations in the market.  Chris Cruz is a weekend DJ on Y-100 (100.7 FM). He taught fitness classes at LA Fitness and he figured out a way to combine his two passions to create a business. He teaches a high performance REmix class in a high energy atmosphere with core, CrossFit and Cardio and his classes have been very successful at the W Hotel for the past solid year in Ft Lauderdale.  It’s no secret that major gym chains pay nothing to the people that work there but Cruz is using his station leverage to draw participants and he’s got a great side business going.

What’s he doing to build his credibility? The story is in the local newspaper which means it’s online which means sites like this one run the story. He can also upload videos to YouTube and brand himself as the leader and expert in this industry. Next comes a home workout video and the list goes on and on. If he stays on track, the next time Chris walks into a radio station or a gym he will be able to skip the useless management and go straight to corporate for a deal. In addition, he can approach local TV stations to feature a segment and the opportunities are endless. He can approach a sponsor and make the event even bigger. The station HAS to see the value this jock is to them and if they don’t another station will and he can ask for a full time gig for his next position . Creating this side business is a win/win situation for him.


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