Stop Giving Great business Vision to the Blind, Mute and Deaf

Three years ago, I had this great idea to do a podcast on a regular basis on my main site Radio Facts (www.radiofacts.com). I started putting the show together and put together a team that I thought would work. I respected their tenure, they were intelligent and they had various personalities. Most were in between gigs and I thought it was a great way to put them in front of industry opportunities. I told them to give me 10 weeks of shows before I could start marketing the show with my own contacts to try to sell it. They all agreed at the onset. Two weeks into the show, some members of the team started asking me for money.  They were doing this in front of other members. While I believed in the idea, there were other factors that made me think twice before putting my own money up.

They wanted to be paid for their time but they were not hungry and they didn’t see my vision. They wanted me to take some of the money from my main business to pay them for their time. I had to ask myself if I was being fair? While I respected their time, my main business had nothing to do the with the new one and if the Podcasts made money I would have taken the money back that I gave them [invested] and they would not have appreciated that.  So I didn’t’ think it was a good idea.  In addition, they were not using their forums (social media) to promote the podcasts that we had done so I was doing the recording, paying for and setting up the conference calls, editing (which was a HUGE job) the show and marketing. They were only involved on the calls.

There was not enough hunger or passion and while I understand people have to pay bills, I concluded that this idea was not going to be in the best interest for any of us and I didn’t want to end up coming off as the bad guy. I saw the negativity starting to build and it was time to back out.

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