Radio Entrepreneur Steve Hegwood Takes Advantage of Corporate Stations Disconnected from the Community and Overly Researched

(pictured Miss Sophia, Morning sidekick, and entertainment reporter)

bea12d7705aa1f7f107e4ab40b9ab8eeKR: You also have a woman, Rashan Ali hosting mornings. Oddly, this is still unconventional in urban radio outside of DeDe McGuire in Dallas. How is the show performing and how did you conclude that Rashan would be best for that slot?

SH: I worked with Rashan Ali at Radio One as part of the A-team Morning Show. I knew she was talented and very popular to females in Atlanta so we met and began forming a show. I will say we admire the success that DeDe McGuire is having at KKDA Dallas, and it was part of our motivation to give it a shot. I am pleased with the success of “The Streetz Morning Grind “Show.

KR: With major corporations now getting into various other ventures including the music business, do you find that it’s a battle to compete for station events and artists appearances?

SH: It is, and will always be a battle with other stations to get artists for events. Relationships go a long way.

KR: Why don’t we see more urban programmers do what you are doing?

SH: It is very difficult to raise funding to purchase a station, that’s the primary reason and they are not trained or educated on how to purchase a radio station.

KR: What advice would you give urban programmers who are out of work, over 45, and waiting for an opportunity today?

SH: Stay aware of the business, not just programming. Read all trades, not just urban trades to spot trends, read up on new station acquisitions, format changes and to stay aware of FCC changes. Look for other opportunities at the station, such as Sales, Promotion’s,  Digital department and Engineering, to be honest, a check is a check!

KR: How do you feel about syndication?

SH: I am a fan of syndication, I have worked with Russ Parr, Big Boy, Steve Harvey, and currently our station in Little Rock Arkansas, Streetz 101.1, airs Rickey Smiley.

KR: Where do you see urban radio programmers in the next 5 years?

SH: I hope they make themselves more valuable to their companies. The days of picking the songs and jocks are OVER! What makes you valuable in today’s radio, I hope every PD understands that social media is your tool, not your enemy.

KR: Do you plan to take the Streetz brand to other markets?

SH: Currently in Atlanta & Little Rock, my hands are full!

KR: Name 5 current programmers from any format that you respect the most.

Elroy Smith (Radio One) WRNB/WPPZ
Reggie Rouse (CBS Radio)  WVEE Atlanta
George Hamilton (Cook) KKDA Dallas
Jon Ivey  VP/(Clear Channel) KIIS LA
Brian Douglas (Entercom) WJMH Greensboro

PD’s to look out for?

1) Dionne Burkette  WMMJ Washington, DC
2) Talus Knight        WFXM Macon, GA
3) Devin Steele        WHRK Memphis
4) Nate Bell             WQOK Raleigh

KR: Anything else?

SH: I Thank God for the Blessings!

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