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Rushion McDonald, Steve Harvey’s business Partner Gives Great Tips on Doing business

Kevin Ross
How can you market your skills to get the attention of major corporations, your boss or even a potential client? How do you broker great
Business Entrepreneurs

Know Your Value or it will be Falsely Determined

Kevin Ross
Are People Coming to you for your services? Then you have VALUE. KNOW YOUR VALUE Have you ever heard about the person having a garage

5 Reasons Potential Clients are Not Buying Your Services

Kevin Ross
Clients Are Not Buying Your Services? Here's Why ... No matter what business you are in, if a client doesn't see the perceived value of

There’s Some business You Just WON’T Get… How to Make it Work to Your Advantage

Kevin Ross
I was once told by a client… “Most people do business with you because they like you.” While that doesn’t say much about the product,

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