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Why business Owners Should RARELY Reveal Plans, Goals or Dreams

Kevin Ross
Never tell anyone your plans, goals or┬ádreams UNLESS they can help you (excerpt from my new eBook “Mind Your Own Damn business: Hard Lessons Learned...
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The Dangers of Discounts: 12 Reason’s to say NO

Kevin Ross
Over the years, I have given friends breaks on what I charge major corporations the full price for. Why? Because they were my friends (or...

Stunted Growth: Biggest Mistakes business Owners Often Make

Kevin Ross
Here is an excerpt from my book Mind Your Own Damn business. These are some of the biggest mistakes I have seen many black business...

Wasting Your business Time Cues: “Let me Talk to My Team”

Kevin Ross
Let me Talk to my Team This is almost ALWAYS a sign that you have been taken for a ride. When someone calls you to...

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