Terms of a “Discount”


discountOne of my greatest pet peeves is people who waste my time. This is why I am not good at calling any type of customer service. Pushing buttons and a robot trying to guess what I’m calling for and asking me for information is an insult to me and a waste of my time when I need to talk to a live person.. unfortunately, there are would-be clients who will waste your time too. Here are a few tips to help them get lost quick.


Make this clear to the client. Once they agree to it DO NOT WAIVER… no matter how bad you need the money. Make it clear to the client that nothing can be done until the money is received and that means NOTHING folks. For me and my business I have to put together animated ads and it can take me anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to do these ads. If a client doesn’t come through I get pissed when I have done this much work. It’s better to not havedone anything and get screwed then it is to do 75% of the job and get screwed.

2. Create a buffer. Tell your clients you have to outsource a part of the job and that you have to pay someone else.

The client is less likely to take advantage or back out if they think that in order for you to do their job YOU have to pay someone else. Sorry, but they potential client doesn’t give a damn about you and you have to take that into consideration (laugh). So don’t put a DROP of work in until you get your money. Independent clients have a way of waivering (unlike major corporations) who usually are very good about seeing the purchase through.

3. Use your instinct…

Usually you just get a feeling on who is serious and who is full of shit when it comes to buying your product. I don’t know why but some people just seem to want to waste your time, for whatever reason. As I stated in another article.. you can shut all this down very quickly by asking one question “Do You Have Available Budget NOW!” If you get any other answer but “yes” move on.