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The Black Business Association’s “Salute to Black Women” Inbox x


(Los Angeles, CA) – The Black Business Association (BBA), headquartered in Southern California and the oldest active ethnic business organization in the State of California, will host its annual Salute to Black Women Business Conference/Expo and Awards Luncheon on Saturday, March 24, 2018 @ 12 Noon at The L.A. Hotel 333 S. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, California.

The National Women’s History Month’s 2018 theme is “Nevertheless She Persisted”. The BBA will embrace the national theme while acknowledging the intersecting forms of discrimination women have faced, and continue to face, throughout American history. Women have always worked and contributed, but often their work has been undervalued and under-compensated, too often. The BBA will celebrate women who have fought and continue to fight discrimination at all levels and in all forms.

Among the Honorees is Ozie B. Gonzaque, receiving the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, Jacque Bee, receiving “Nevertheless, She Persisted”, Alisha White Madison, receiving the “Entrepreneur Excellence Award”, Edna Sims, receiving the, “Excellence In Media Services Award”, Vivian Bowers, receiving the “Outstanding Community Based Business Award”, and Clarisa Howard, receiving the, “President’s Award”

Grumman will sponsor a workshop for young ladies 13-18 years old titled “Role Models for Success”, exposing them to life skills information entitled. For more information or to participate as a sponsor or attendee, call (323) 291-9334 or visit bbala.org

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