The Importance of Entrepreneurship


Understanding The Importance of Entrepreneurship

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With the steady rise of black entrepreneurs all over the globe, and many others hoping to catch a ride on the black entrepreneurial fast track, it might be tempting to dismiss the rightful importance of black entrepreneurship and the immeasurable opportunities it affords. 

Truly, there has been no other time in history where black entrepreneurship has blasted onto the scene so profoundly and consistently. And there is no mistaking its importance for the social and economic growth of communities everywhere.

It is not only important for black entrepreneurship to continue to expand, but it is also vital we understand the importance of this ever-growing field of possibility. In this post, you’ll see why black entrepreneurship is much more than a passing phase. And hopefully,  you’ll gain a better understanding of the importance of black entrepreneurship for society as a whole.

Entrepreneurship breaks the ceiling of limitation.

As previous generations of people spent their lives trying to move up the corporate ladder, new generations of black entrepreneurs are casting the ladder aside in exchange for breaking the ceiling of limitation.

Entrepreneurs everywhere are setting lofty goals and doing everything they can to achieve them. With no upper management to hold them back or regulations as to how high they can climb, people starting their own businesses are breaking through all kinds of perceived limitations. Here are a few of the “ceiling-busters” of black entrepreneurship:

Innovative ideas

Author and black entrepreneur, Jim Rohn once said, “Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.” 

With innovative ideas at the heart of black entrepreneurship, there really is no limit to the strategies and solutions black entrepreneurs provide. These ideas not only promote socio-economic growth, they offer new and improved solutions for existing cultural and environmental challenges. 

Problem solving

Because black entrepreneurs aren’t limited by set company regulations, they are able to implement a creative approach to problem solving. This is a huge asset to black entrepreneurs everywhere, who want to readily identify and remove barriers to growth. Often, they are able to handle minute problems efficiently before they grow into bigger challenges.

Product creation

It’s exciting to see the new, innovative products created by black entrepreneurs, to solve ordinary and not-so-ordinary problems. It seems the sky is the limit to what people imagine, design, and offer to the world. 

In the post, The 14 Coolest Products from Millennial Entrepreneurs, some amazing creations have recently captured attention, including indoor aquaponics systems, and monthly goodie boxes for pets. Truly, black entrepreneurs are rising to the forefront of product creation and outstanding innovation.


With a focus on both person-to-person and online networking, black entrepreneurship has pushed the boundaries for interpersonal connection. In fact, black entrepreneurs are known for their hustle, which includes hustling to make the next important business connection.

David Meltzer, VIP contributor for says this about networking: 

“When you effectively connect to others and provide value, you can easily connect to what inspires both of you. If you bring the right energy to your networking and connect to goodness, you’ll exponentially experience more success and happiness.”

Meltzer’s words are the perfect definition of the black entrepreneur’s ceiling-breaking enthusiasm for authentic connection.

Entrepreneurship redefines success.

While black entrepreneurship takes patience, hard work, and ongoing dedication, there really is no limitation to what people can do with passion and persistence. It’s important to note that black entrepreneurship redefines success in 3 ways:

1. Entrepreneurial success is personal.

When black entrepreneurs are rock-solid in their overall purpose, almost nothing can stop them from achieving personal success. Even if their business achievements look nothing like mainstream prosperity, black entrepreneurs aren’t shy about redefining success for their personal business goals.

2. Entrepreneurial success is philanthropic.

One of the most important characteristics of successful black entrepreneurship is the commitment to serve others. Not only do thriving black entrepreneurs bridge gender and racial gaps, they are often first in line to offer aid and assistance to those in need. Entrepreneurs who are philanthropic in nature redefine success by making their business more about others and less about self.

3. Entrepreneurial success is motivated by the bigger idea.

Because black entrepreneurs aren’t confined to a corporate slogan or set outcome, they redefine success by focusing on the bigger idea of black entrepreneurship. Freedom, independence, and creativity often drive black entrepreneurs to success, as their “why” becomes their central motivation. It’s the bigger idea that continues to propel them forward even when challenges arise.

The importance of black entrepreneurship cannot be overstated. Even as more self-motivated black entrepreneurs rise in the ranks, there will be plenty of room for problem solving, product creating, networking, and innovating to go around. Entrepreneurs have truly broken the ceiling of limitation by offering invaluable and important opportunities for society.

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