Things Going Well? Best Time to GET to Work

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Photo credit: Kevin Ross, CEO “Climb the Highest” to buy contact [email protected]

So the table is set. You are experiencing one of those very rare occasions where you’re able to rest. Lord knows you’ve earned it, dealing with the constant challenge of finding good help and finally creating a steady flow of income … right? WRONG … I hate to be the bearer of bad GOOD news but this is NOT the time to rest. Why? Because your goal is to get OUT of the rut not to keep it going right?

You have been given a rare GIFT to GROW and now you have to step up to the plate. This is the time to GET to work … not rest. The foundation in temporarily set now it’s up to you to get the construction going or wait and start from scratch again.  Take out the long list of things that you have been ignoring for the last year and get to work. But all is not lost. You can, at least, relax the entire weekend.

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