Small Business Tip: Five Types of Clients to Avoid

Small Business Tip: Five Types of Clients to Avoid. In business, there are the clients we love and the ones we’d rather not deal with.

clients to avoid

Once you have been doing business for a while, you start to develop a 6th sense when it comes to prospects. In my business, the music industry, after so many years of doing this, there are certain people, I know to avoid right away. I want to share this information with you…

“The Waiver Client”

This is the client that wants you to jump through hoops, send them all your data and even ask you for propriety information before they spend their money to support you. NEVER give ANYONE your database. That’s the key to your business and if they have it, why do they need you? The clients that want you to PROVE yourself, especially after you are already established, are on some type of power hunt themselves. They don’t have the money or they can’t afford your services but if they can make you feel the least bit inadequate or brag about “having you on their team” it apparently makes them feel better about their inabilities. They are not prepared to do business and they want everything for nothing and they will simply waste your time. It’s certainly OK to send the basic information but keep in mind they came to you for a reason. Someone told them about you or they have seen something themselves that lets they know that you can help them. If you went to them… well, you may have to deal with this situation but there is a 25% chance they will actually do business with you. I call them the “Waivering” client because they often disappear and pop up a few months later with the same bullshit and no business for you.

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