Tips for Building Client Relationships and Business Sales

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Client Relationships

How much more of an advantage would it be if you offered a long-term deal? Business owners NEED that income each month to level operating expenses and it’s a hardcore unnecessary hustle to keep trying to do one-offs. You are killing yourself in sales, annoying your client base and wasting time when you could be doing other things like finding clients.

Business Sales

You have to be able to get up and get out and meet your client and potential clients where they are. I would suggest going to their offices or taking them out to lunch. The worst thing that you could do is meet them at an event and try to have a conversation about business support there. They are already being bombarded by everyone else that is not a good idea you need one-on-one.

Think “upsell” as in long-term sales instead of short-term sales because short-term sales mean short-term success. If a client tells you they don’t have any budget what that means usually is (translated) is they don’t see the value and once you repeatedly call them for another one off, you will start to look desperate and pitiful. You MUST value your business and what you have to offer if you expect others to do the same.

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