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U.S. Senator Rand Paul Endorses Guns & God Appreciation Day

 The Guns and God coalition just received a major endorsement from Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

“As someone very involved in the Tea Party movement, I have seen firsthand the impact that grassroots Americans can have when they come together, organize and speak out. I applaud the efforts of Guns & God Appreciation Day organizers and encourage lovers of Liberty to get involved,” The Senator remarked.

Rand Paul is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, limited government, and the rights of the people to petition their government.

Regarding this major endorsement, Larry Ward, President of the Constitutional Rights PAC and coalition organizer, said, “Senator Paul has been a great supporter of liberty and he has dedicated his career in the U.S. Senate to fighting to protect our constitutional rights.”

Constitutional Rights PAC is urging supporters to peacefully come out on the 14th of September to participate in this nationwide petition for the protection of the 2nd Amendment.

Coalition organizers are asking demonstrators to peacefully show up en masse to gun stores, gun ranges, state capitals and town squares across the country to celebrate our God-given Second Amendment Rights and protest against the government’s attempts to undermine them.

We encourage participants to be prayerful about returning our nation to God as the only solution to the hatred and mass murder plaguing our blessed nation. 

The Guns & God website can be found here.

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