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There is a Difference Between a “Business Owner” and an “Entrepreneur”

dead-flowersEveryone that I associate with is an entrepreneur. BUT only 2 of them are TRUE entrepreneurs. You may ask what a true entrepreneur is, it is someone who is not afraid to grow and to take his or her experience and expand on his or her knowledge. What is that you can do? I can use myself as an example.

One of my recent college classes was Speech. One of those classes that are required before you can move into your major. I was defiant, my ego kicked in hard time, I thought I already know this, I am a radio jock by trade, I have excellent communication skills and I was insulted that the teacher wanted me to prove something I had already proven for over 2o years but the joke was on me. Read on and you will see why…. (click “NEXT” or next number above or below to see the rest of the story)


You’re NEVER too Old to Learn Something New

starting a business

The minute that you stop learning YOU STOP GROWING. Don’t EVER think that you know it all. We get older and things change, and eventually, we are out of touch. When that happens and you want to continue doing what you have been doing (AND) you are still making money (why keep doing something that you have to beg for clients for?) hire someone who can duplicate you. Someone younger who knows your industry from a different angle. Once you learn the formula you don’t have to keep doing the grind. When you make money it’s time to spend it ON THE business but not frivolously.

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