Virgil Grant, California Cannabis Owner, on Cat Packer Resigning as Director of Department of Cannabis Regulation


“Cat Packer should have stepped down as the Director of the Department of Cannabis Regulation a long time ago. Cat stepping down is not going to fix all of the problems. Everybody else in that department needs to go as well. They should revamp the whole department because everybody participated in the destruction and the demise of LA’s cannabis market. LA should have been the number one cannabis market in the world. LA looks like the biggest joke in the world because of everyone in that department — Michelle, Rocky, and Jason Killeen.

“Cat’s exit doesn’t come as a surprise to me because I saw the writing on the wall. Bottom line is that the department has not done its job since it has been formed and created. The department had the opportunity to set precedence in the world and definitely in the United States to be the leader of the cannabis industry as we boasted when we first started because it was true. For this organization to not allow this industry to continue to grow but actually suffer and fail, it’s because of the people running DCR and the names that I named.

“Cat was a pawn; she’s the fall person. And they are going to blame it all on her. But really, she was not capable of running that department. Once she sat in that seat, and we started seeing all the moving pieces, it didn’t take long to figure out that she wasn’t qualified for that seat or position. She never owned a business, and she didn’t understand politics. And that’s why every move she made signaled that she never ran a business or had knowledge of running the business and didn’t understand LA’s politics. Every move she made represented that.”


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