Want Motivation? Attend Events in Your Field, Accept Invitiations


This past weekend I attended the Living Legends event in Los Angeles. I made some incredible reconnections and established new connections within my industry that I have every intention of following up on.  Attending an event like this is like a vacation, it’s a GREAT way to motivate yourself and build your business. Pictured are the winners, stellar industry people who came to get their awards at the event and of the 9 people on stage I know off all of them but I personally know 7 of them. I greeted each one of them and congratulated them on their awards and it was great to see them.

This coming week, I’ve been invited to at least 3 other events that I would have blown off for work but I realize you never know who or what you may find at an event in your field so I am going. At lot of times as entreprenerus we work so hard, it’s our only time to socialize. I love the music and radio industry and I am excited about the future of it and where it’s going and I’m glad  I attended this great event.

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