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Want to See Your Business in the Greatest Perspective? Do This

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When You Are Immersed, You’re Drowning and Can’t Breathe

Recently, while on a trip, I got a great opportunity to see my business in FULL perspective. One of the first things I can tell you, probably the MOST important thing in order to do this … is to BREAK AWAY.  As the old saying goes, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” I mean completely break away no social media, no emails, very limited cell phone use and spending time to get to know yourself. This notion may sound insane, but it may be exactly what you need to save your business. Quite often, we’re so caught up in the every day, that we can’t see the present or future because we’re so busy trying to catch up from the past. 

“You’ll be amazed, at what you will see when you’re not looking”

There are times that you can be so entrenched in a situation, that you can’t see the light. Whatever mistakes that you’re making in your business right now, you may never be able to REALLY see it until you walk away from it. What does that mean, it means take a vacation, A REAL vacation. When you are immersed, your drowning and can’t breathe. Do yourself a favor, make sure you include regular vacations. As an entrepreneur, once every three months. We need it that much. Even a couple of days at a time.

During my long trip recently handling a family crisis, I was forced to take a break from work. It was a Godsend. I’m glad it happened the way that it did. I literally had to take a whole month off and only got to emails every four to five days. One thing became extremely clear in reading my emails, that I was completely oblivious to before, 99% of my daily emails are useless but the concept is informative, the plethora of emails let me know that I have a geat product and many people want a piece of it but not to benefit me, to benefit THEM, and they were offering nothing in return, this is NOT a win/win/win situation for me. I say win/win/win because there are 3 groups to satisfy. You, the client and the target. If all three are not winning, it’s worthless in business. Ironically, the 1% that was giving me everything (clients) wanted nothing from me in return. They are satisfied that I am reaching their target so it’s a win/win/win already no need to upset the balance by inviting outsiders to the party. 

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