Fans Can Wear Digital Fashion Lines Created by WMG’s Roster of Artists

Warner Music Group today announced a partnership and investment in DRESSX. DRESSX is a digital fashion retailer that focuses on sustainable fashion and the largest digital clothing store. This partnership is the first of its kind and will allow select WMG artists to create their own virtual fashion lines.

Artists will work directly with DRESSX in order to create and launch AR and 3D virtual clothing that they can share and enjoy on Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms. Artists will be able to generate new revenue streams and fans will have additional avenues to show their support across digital platforms.

Oana Ruxandra is Chief Digital Officer and EVP, Business Development at WMG. She stated, “The representations of our future digital selves are as important and, depending on the sheer volume of interactions measured, perhaps more important than how physically we represent ourselves.” 

We are focused on creating partnerships that will allow WMG and our artists to become more powerful and impactful as our digital identities grow exponentially. DRESSX, a leader in sustainability and wearables, is the partner we need to help us build the future.

We are proud to be a partner with Warner Music Group, their amazing artists, and to help them continue building and scaling the DRESSX-meta-closet vision. 

Digital fashion is a visual language that allows people to communicate and create bonds online. At DRESSX, we use technology to make digital wearables with augmented reality, machine learning, and blockchain. Digital merchandise and music swag will be an integral part of digital fans’ digital wardrobes.

It is exciting to see more stakeholders believe that this new area is changing the fashion industry on a large scale. We are moving closer to our goal of making fashion accessible to all people through innovation and technology every day.

Since August 2020’s DRESSX launch, the company has grown to be the largest digital-only fashion platform with over 3,000 digital items in its DRESSX library. It also launched the most popular AR fashion app. 

DRESSX has partnered many top tech, fashion, lifestyle, and tech companies like Meta, Roblox and Snapchat as well as Coca-Cola and FARFETCH. Its digital fashion expertise cements its position among WMG’s increasing number of Web3 collaborations.

DRESSX is committed towards sustainable fashion. It promotes the digital clothing market to give consumers opportunities to show their style online. DRESSX is committed to sustainability and invests in science-based assessment of its digital fashions’ carbon footprint. 

The Carbon Accounting Company validated the patent that DRESSX developed as a pioneer in digital fashion carbon calculation. DRESSX is a partner with Flow Carbon since June 2021 to offset carbon emissions from all its operations. This makes the company carbon-neutral due to the use of offsets. Click to learn more about DRESSX’s sustainability and carbon footprint methodology.

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