Wasting Your business Time Cues: “Let me Talk to My Team”

Let me Talk to my Team

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This is almost ALWAYS a sign that you have been taken for a ride. When someone calls you to do business with you and they have a load of questions. BE VERY CAREFUL how you answer. Cue questions are questions like: “How would you market my brand/product?”

If you give them the answer, because you need the business what do they need you for. Chances are they will try to do it themselves. My suggestion is don’t take calls from potential clients unless they are a major corporation or you KNOW they are serious. It’s best to exchange emails. Once they get you on the phone they can read your temperature and ask questions that catch you off guard. Don’t make yourself so available. In addition, you could be doing many other things besides letting someone pick your brain for free like building your business or actually making money.


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