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12 Reasons You Should Never Hire Friends

Never Hire Friends in Your Business

Never hire friends to help you with your business. The biggest reason is that you need to be able to go off and discipline someone who is not doing the work and it’s very difficult to do that with people you have befriended. I’m gonna give you a bit of great advice to save yourself from a stressful event. Never hire friends. I have learned in the 23 years that I have been in business that there is an expectation, a level of disrespect and an extremely uncomfortable price to pay when you do. Here are the reasons that you should always reconsider before making the mistake. Click NEXT to go to the next segment

1. When Emotion is Involved, Poor Decisions are Made

You are trying to help them but are they trying to help themselves? If your reason for hiring a friend is to help them financially instead of loaning them money you may never get back, you are making a mistake. you should be helping YOURSELF first THEN helping them not the other way around. (click “Next” below to see next segment)

2. Friends Know your Weaknesses

And they will use them against you in business. They don’t think it’s malicious but you will. They know your triggers, your strengths and your weaknesses.

3. Friends Make you Feel Obligated

You put yourself in a poor position when you hire a friend MOSTLY because of this… They will use the friendship as a bargaining chip because it’s all they have but YOU have a lot more to lose including their friendship so you will tolerate things out of the ordinary.

4. YOU make you feel Obligated

Your intentions are good but you soon realize you’ve made a mistake and now you have to pay more either in money or time to fix it. my suggestion is that when it becomes stressful ESPECIALLY in the middle of a project, pay them to GO. Either way, you will be the bad guy but your peace of mind and health are worth a HELLUVA lot more than a stroke or a heart attack because of stress.

5. You Hesitate to Express Dismay

You want to make them as comfortable as possible but why?

6. You Sacrifice the Time and Money Because You Don’t want to lose the Friendship

You have bitten off more than you can chew but at this point, it’s too late. You have to find a way to get out of the mess that you put yourself in.

7. You are more considerate of friends than you are for other employees

If your employees see this, it will certainly cause dissension and strife which could end up being a much bigger problem for you.

8. Friends Expect you to give them breaks

They are only concerned about their own situation and it makes sense, it is paramount to them at this time and you are secondary.

9. They will make excuses and Expect you to Understand

After all, you knew they were having financial problems so what’s YOUR problem?

10. The whole things was a complete waste of time

Now you may have a better understanding of why they are broke and in the situation, they are in, in the first place

11. The lines between Friends and Employee and boss are blurred

Know this from the gate and you will realize it was best to simply GIVE them the money. Good luck.

12 There is a sense of entitlement and disrespect disguised as a pat on the back and respect

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