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12 Reasons You Should Never Hire Friends

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Make Your Hire Strategy your HIGHEST Strategy

Wouldn’t it be great if as black entrepreneurs and black owned businessses if we could be auto entrepreneurs and everything that we hate doing is done for us? Without question team management is one of the most challenging aspects for all types of entreprenuers. Finding great hired help is the number one challenge of every entrepreneur that I know of but one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made myself, in the past, is using my own business as  away to help others who are between gigs or offering my company up as a sidegig for them when we have big projects. The effort of killing two birds with one stone has often come back to bite the business AND us in the a#@.

If I can be as blunt as possible, the bigger idea is to grow your business not stifle your growth. Your levels of stratgy for running the business should nto include being the mother, father, friend, aunt uncle, caregiver, bank or conselor to the people that you hire and when you hire friends you may end up playing all those roles and it’s difficult to have the mental toughness to seperate work from friendship. Especially if you want to maintain that friendship.

This twice about hiring friends to help you with your business. The biggest reason is that you need to be able to have a guilt free approach when it comes to disciplining someone who is not doing the tasks assigned to them and it’s very difficult to do that with people you have previousy befriended.

I have learned in the 25 years that I have been in business that there is an expectation, a level of disrespect and an extremely uncomfortable price to pay when neglect to remember the “bigger idea” which is to GROW the business. Here are the reasons that you should always reconsider before making the mistake of hiring friends. Click NEXT to go to the next segment

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