9 Basic Ways Small Businesses Start Up

Have you ever wondered how small businesses start up? What gives them the courage to start up the process? How do they take that first step, and what encourages them to keep it going? Here I break it down.

Small Businesses Start


I want to start a business but have no ideas

I started my business radiofacts.com 27 years ago from frustration.

I was frustrated with how Radio was going in my career, and I felt like my voice wasn’t being heard. So I wrote a brutally honest letter to a few friends in the industry and emailed it, and they, in turn, emailed it to other people. By the end of the next day, I had over 300 responses telling me they felt the same way and that I had to keep this going, whatever I was doing.

There was a hole in the market to fill, and I didn’t even know I was doing it. I know I did not sleep that night when I sent it out.

Not being able to sleep when it comes to business is often a good thing it means that your mind is in overdrive, and you’re probably on to something and probably have a couple of good ideas, which is our next segment. Your best ideas will come to you at 3 am. Keep a pad and a pen by your bed to jot it down before you forget.

Small Business Ideas – Idea

Ideas to start a business comes from seeing something that is not being done that you can easily do. Of course, you have to motivate yourself to make an effort. Still, you’re probably on target for a new business, especially if others feel the same way.

Make sure you don’t blow off the idea and don’t tell other people about it because they can’t often see into the future. They could only see things from their perspective.

Business with no money

Make an effort to put your idea on paper and then into fruition. It is possible to start a business with no money if the company is online, so in this case, you’re ahead of the eight ball if that’s your goal. Like if you have an excellent idea for a blog or site to discuss a specific subject.


Some small businesses start with a “mistake,” kind of goes with what I said earlier as it’s falling into something, but it could also be from a mistake you made and how you had to correct it on your own. For example, getting ahead of your credit on your own instead of hiring one of those companies that do what you can do but charge you for it.

That’s how they got started too. When it comes to credit reports, many people don’t know that you can fix that on your own, and you don’t need to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for someone else to do it.

It’s not even as time-consuming or complicated as people think, but figuring it out yourself could be a great way to inform others about how they can correct their credit, and this could be a great blog or social media group. For example

Well planned

Your business may be well-planned, something you have wanted to do for a long time, and you’re going to give it a shot. I have a friend right now who has a well-planned business for a grocery app, and he has partners and a lot of frustration.

There are times when you can have a well-planned business, and you bring other people into the fold, and they are not moving fast enough or at the same pace. That can cause significant problems and make you feel less motivated.

Just know, no matter how well-planned your business is, no small businesses start without having bumps and bruises, and you must keep yourself motivated. This is the difference from what we’re about to talk about next.


The most successful businesses start with a passion for a subject or concept you’re deeply concerned about and want to fix or change.

Everything else can fall into place when passion is at the forefront. This is how I started my business. I was very passionate about getting ahead in the radio game but ran into a lot of racism and issues with my own people in the industry when it came to progressing in the radio industry.

Once I wrote about it, I got it on paper and sent it out to the universe. I cured my frustration and turned it into a business.

I would strongly suggest writing your ideas on paper first from your hand to that paper. It’s going to get that idea going, and I know million-dollar businesses that started on a napkin at lunch.


Some small businesses start because some people are good at one thing, like making cheesecakes.

I had a friend who enjoyed making different cheesecakes during the weekend. He would do other cheesecakes like peach cobbler, peanut butter, red velvet, Oreo cookie, etc. Then he would take the cheesecakes to work to avoid gaining weight and dole it out to his coworkers.

They enjoyed his cheesecakes so much that they were willing to pay him $75 per order. That’s a hell of a profit. He started a weekend business and made more money during the weekend than he was making the entire week working at the gas company.

He didn’t want to do it full-time, and he wanted to continue enjoying the benefits of his job.

Some people just like that you can have a part-time business and keep working simultaneously and enjoy the benefits and security of a full-time job but know that you may have to make a choice at some point.


There may be something you enjoy doing, like art, but you’ve never tried selling it online. Some people make a ton of money by buying items in a large market and selling it online to smaller markets around the country.

I have a friend who does this with model cars, and he buys the cars from a retailer in Los Angeles and then sells them on eBay for a profit.

There are many portals online where you can sell your art, and they do everything for you. They print it, frame it, sell it and collect the money for you, and they keep a percentage and then send you a more significant portion.

Payment is a passive income business. Is there a hobby you have that you can multiply online, or have you investigated it? Something like an artist is a great example.

Perhaps your design T-shirts instead. Passive income is key, and there’s no more incredible feeling than seeing an automatic deposit in your account when you didn’t expect it.


We all have talent. Sometimes, we don’t know what it is, and sometimes it comes to us in our deepest frustrations or boredom.

What did you enjoy doing as a child? Can you do that as an adult? Is it something that brought you joy? The thing is, it may bring other people joy as well. This is well worth investigating to start a small business.

Whichever segment fits you best, you will never have a more significant benefit than working for yourself. When it comes to how small businesses start up it’s not for everybody and not always easy, but it’s always rewarding when you get to keep most of your profits.



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