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Beware of the False Potential Customer…



We have all seen and dealt with potential customers who truly waste our time. Truth be told, they usually catch us with our guard down when times are hard for us. What is a False Potential Customer? Here are some clues:


1. They want to talk to you but their questions are above and beyond information that you should be providing.

Minolta DSC
Minolta DSC

They ask you questions like, how many people are in your database or can you provide them with numbers of previous clients. This may not seem like a huge request but it depends on how established your business is. See if they ask you these questions as well… The best way to eliminate this is to always be on the run. When they call, tell them you are about to go into a meeting but you have a minute so that they can get to the point.

2. They ask you to evaluate or review their product..


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