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10 Ways to Get Paid Faster from Clients

Get Paid Faster from Clients? When a client takes their time paying a small business, it creates enormous stress on the business owner who is probably already behind.

Get Paid Faster. Asking for money from slow paying clients can be tricky. We want them to keep doing business with us but we also want to pay our bills.

Get paid faster

We can all trade war stories on how hard it is to get paid from clients and how frustrated it makes us. I certainly understand. I also know that we, sometimes, are a part of the problem as well. Here are some tips for avoiding late pays so that you can get paid faster.

1. Set up auto payments directly to your bank account.

If it’s a major corporation, you can literally get paid faster by five times by connecting your bank account to their payment system. Ask the client if they can connect you with the proper department to set up. This usualy involves filling out a couple of forms.

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