Is It a Mistake to Call Your Business “Black-Owned?”


black-owned, black black entrepreneurs, gig, side hustles Many businesses have used the “Black-owned” label to solicit additional business in the past or as a way to add credibility to their brands. Unfortunately, this has often backfired. In large part, because we (black people) don’t really care. As a matter of fact, it may actually HURT your business.

Perhaps the only time a business should use  “Black-owned” is when they are in the press for their success (Slutty Vegan) or there is a program that can help fund or supplement the business’ mission. In other words, when the opportunity presents itself to benefit us all instead of the other way around. Otherwise, work to be the BEST business FIRST.

Building the Best Business

Hire the BEST team (in and OUT of the black community) and eliminate the bacteria before it spreads. Have a team that can go above and BEYOND what you need and be open to acquiesce to potential ideas for growth from your team instead of thinking you know everything … because you don’t.

“Black-owned can come off as entitlement, especially when it’s a so-so business.

Nobody cares UNLESS you break the mold (Tyler Perry Studios). In ANY business that is struggling when you have to use tactics and excuses to get people to buy, it hurts everybody under that category. The main thing is having a brand that people love and come in droves for.

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