Take Advantage of Upswings in Business by Strategizing Growth

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There are no rest periods in building a business. The hardest works comes when business is great. If experience a peak … MAINTAIN IT

As black entrepreneurs, we BEG for a break at times. When all the bills are paid and we have a bit of expendable cash in the bank that’s when we tend to relax but that’s the time to actually GO TO WORK! You’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, why would you rest?  Best believe in a short matter of time you will be RIGHT BACK where you started, struggling to make ends meet if you don’t take advantage of those upswings.

Many times (and the experienced black entrepreneurs can validate this) when things are going great and sales are great THAT’s the time to hit up those clients who you have not been able to reach. Usually, they have an idea of how well you are doing and when it comes to many industries there is a “me too” philosophy. Not to mention your energy is going to be different, you won’t be begging but able to make a better presentation. Nobody wants to be left out when it appears everyone else is following a trend and winning this is the time when your business esteem HAS to be good and you HAVE to take advantage of it. Don’t wait until all the air is out of your balloon before you get back to work, get to work when things are going great and climb even higher to stretch your 15 minutes of success and build your brand.

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