This Female “Tea-Preneur” Pivoted Everything During The Pandemic


The amount of people currently changing jobs or entire careers is staggering. What can be an incredibly inspiring and exciting thought can also be downright terrifying. Sure, you have plenty of years of work experience under your belt, have developed your own personal work style and have built up a network of people you could reach out to if needed. All of these things can help in your reinvention, but the real problem is knowing where to start.

One entrepreneur did just that and loves sharing her secrets. Stephanie Synclair, life coach turned luxury tea-preneur, had created a wildly successful consulting firm that worked specifically with female entrepreneurs, self-published three best-selling Amazon books, which all topped various best seller categories on Amazon including Self-Help, Marketing, Women in Business and Entrepreneurship.

But, like most people when the pandemic hit in 2020, Stephanie was forced to take a break. She realized she was constantly caught up on rushing to her next goal and solely focused on reaching the next level of what she was doing and then rushing off to the next thing, soon realizing this kept her in a constant space of not being satisfied and not really happy.

She wouldn’t take moments during the day to be still and just appreciate life. In stillness and being present is about sitting and looking at where you are currently and being grateful in that space and just sitting in that, not thinking about tomorrow, not thinking about what needs to be done later today.

It was in this need of stillness where she began to find herself again, she dug deep to create her own escape – which looked like meditation and her daily cup of tea. What started as making a few herbal concoctions for herself and a few coaching clients, Stephanie’s business trained brain realized everyone could use a daily mindfulness break and she wanted to provide this to the masses.

Stephanie came up with her first product-based business, La Rue 1680, in October of 2020. What started as a luxury loose-tea has now evolved in to a home lifestyle brand that focuses on the mind-body wellness connection. Her artisanal teas provide a high-quality solution for those who desire an organic and more nutritional alternative to traditional bagged teas while also savoring that precious alone time everyone needs.

Stephanie’s driving force has never strayed from the goal to empower women to step into their biggest and best selves and constantly pivoting and improving herself and empowering others to do the same. With the help of pop culture’s obsession with The Crown and Bridgerton, La Rue 1680 became an instant success with a $2.7M valuation in a matter of months. Stephanie has been featured on Vogue, CNN, Today, The Drew Barrymore Show and more.

We invite you to talk to Stephanie or have her contribute to any women in business, entrepreneur or career pivot stories you may be working on.

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