Ways to Deal with Unscrupulous Competitors

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Ways to Deal with Unscrupulous Competitors

A friend said something to me a long time ago that applies to this situation. Why get in the ring with someone, you have already beaten? If imitation is the highest form of flattery, what is straight copying what you do? I don’t like that statement because it’s not “flattering” when someone copies what you do on the surface but I get what that saying really means. It indicates you are not only on the right track, but you also have a winning formula. However, it still pisses you off that someone has completely stolen from you.

Look at the Bright Side First

You are on the right track, nobody is jealous of a bum, you’re doing something that is generating interest and income and those who are less creative and unscrupulous have no problem literally stealing your idea, the great part about it is, people can see it….and for the most part know that If someone is stealing your ideas, they are spending a lot of time following you… keep forging ahead in a greater direction and continue to be creative in your own way.

Contact them if you feel it’s Necessary

You can certainly make them aware that you are not happy with what they are doing with your ideas but it will probably lead to an argument. Of course, they are going to try to deny it. The question is, are they even worth the phone call?  Let them be desperate.

Use the fuel to improve your Brand

I am always inspired by people mistreating me or my brand. I know that sounds odd but think about it, those who pat you on the back don’t actually motivate you to improve, they motivate you to keep doing what you are doing. Those who say you can’t do it at all, make you want to unleash all that you have not to prove it to them but to prove it to YOU.

Alter your style

When they copy you, or as the kids say “swagger jack” you simply upgrade your style a bit. That will throw them off guard and they can’t keep up.

Ignore it

Think about it, if they are spending SO much time mimicking you, they lack creativity and they are frustrated. They can’t do what you do but they can try for as long as they can as you forge ahead.

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