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24/7 MORE Things Working in the Music Industry Has Taught me About Life

Evil Has a Payday

I have been incredibly blessed to have a majority of good experiences working in the industry over the years. At the same time, there have only been a couple of people who have done me dead wrong. At this juncture of my industry life, I have come to understand the importance of focusing on the positive instead of the negative. Foolishly, I spent way too much time focused on those negative experiences and those people, who were not deserving of my time or efforts. I was not understanding that the Biblical saying is absolute “Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord.” In the end, by going after those people, I was attacking my own level of creativity and success bringing both to a halt. It is not our job to get even as much as it is to let some things go.

The universe does not bless evil it takes notes. I was the one who looked like the person with a problem because while there were others who had the same experiences with those people and they could attest to what I was saying, there were a greater amount of other people whose experiences with those persons were not the same as mines. While it may seem incredibly unfair and unjust, I have learned It is not our job to get even but it is our job to keep moving in a positive direction. From this perspective, some of the meanest and most vile people in the industry, I can honestly tell you, PAY THE PRICE. I’ve witnessed it happening to them. You may not know it or see it but know that they do pay for their evil deeds

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