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Black Business Site Blog Wallet dedicated to the business owner

The life of a Black business owner is very rewarding and full of anticipation. It can also often be a challenge and stressful. We’re very creative when incorporating added concepts to make money and attract clients. Additionally, we have to constantly seek out and identify our resources for enlightenment. We love what we do. As a result, Blogwallet is here to enlighten and inspire.

Music and radio industry entrepreneur kevin ross hosts this blog. He runs the leading urban radio and music industry site radiofacts.com. Ross uses his 21 years of entrepreneurial experience. He currently works with some of the biggest stars, record labels, radio shows like Tom Joyner and DJ’s nationwide. “I’ve seen black business owners make some of the most brilliant moves and some of the most ridiculous mistakes. Ross goes on to say “In addition, one of the most important elements for success as a black owner, is NOT income. It is surrounding yourself with the right people in order to CREATE INCOME.

On the site, we cover news, information and profiles of some of the most successful people who run their own businesses. From the smallest Business to major black celebrities and deals they make. We even go a step further, by talking about the psychology of being a business owner. Moreover, having great business esteem. We talk about delegating responsibilities. Let’s not forget the importance of having a personal life, educating ourselves and vacationing. There are all a small part of succeeding as a small business owner.

We want your input, feel free to email kevin ross kevin@blogwallet.com