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Black-Owned Company Gives Loan to Entrepreneurs Without Collateral

January of this year marked the start of Entrepreneur Devin Robinson’s Urban Business Lending Group, a certified national business loan brokers. Since then, the company has given about $2million in seed financing for fresh entrepreneurs, especially Black-Americans.

Devin Robinson explained that the motivation behind the start of the business is because, from his experience in training and mentoring many young entrepreneurs since 2009, he discovered they all had challenges securing start-up capital. He believes the launch of the company will cub the problem of entrepreneurs getting loans and serve as a one-stop financial resource for entrepreneurs.

According to their website, the company will serve as an alternative to small business loan irrespective of the bad history an entrepreneur have in settling debts or other concerns that makes conventional banks deprive entrepreneurs loan.
Urban Business Lending Group is located in Atlanta. They provide loans without collateral to entrepreneurs who complete their intense entrepreneurial training programs.

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