Crowd Investment Campaign Seeks Revenue To Meet Sienna Sauce’s Growing Demands From Retailers

Grammy-winning recording artist, turned startup angel investor, Chamillionaire believes in an emerging condiments company, run by a 16-year old from Texas, so much he is actively promoting a crowd-investment on for the brand, Sienna Sauce.

Runner-up in a $100K pitch competition hosted by Chamillionaire, with Shark Tank star Damon John and multi-platinum rapper E40, Sienna Sauce kicked-off a crowd investment campaign on ( to expand the company’s business operations.  Chamillionaire’s endorsement of Sienna Sauce’s capital raise keeps a commitment made by the entrepreneur to highlight, not only the winner of the pitch competition, but also any finalists he believes are viable business ventures.  

The 16-year-old CEO Tyla-Simone of Sienna Sauce wants you to invest in her dream in a bottle. (CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW)

“Sienna Sauce was a runner-up in my pitch competition and I really like tracking this company,” says Chamillionaire in a statement on his personal page.  “I invested in Sienna Sauce because I back startups that have domain expertise, resiliency, and a roadmap that I believe could potentially lead to success.”

A former “entrepreneur in residence” at Upfront Ventures, Chamillionaire knows how to pick a great startup.  An early investor in Maker Studios, the artist’s $1.5M investment resulted over $20M in earnings when the tech startup was purchased by the Walt Disney Company.  Chamillionaire also made an early investment in the popular ride-sharing app Lyft.  The rapper was one of the first to invest in Sienna Sauce when the crowdfunding campaign went live.


Good Morning America’s $25,000 Side Hustle Showdown: Sienna Sauce Vs. Mani Glovz. (CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW) 

Award Winning Taste And Flavor

Launched in 2017, by “foodie” and wunderkind Tyla-Simone Crayton (age 16), it did not take long for the home-based business to be recognized for its “taste” and “flavor.”  In 2018, and again in 2019, Sienna Sauce beat out 15 other brands to win “Best Sauce” in the coveted Sauce-A-Holic Fest.  However, Crayton’s biggest prizes also came with revenue that allowed her to grow the company. Sienna Sauce won $25,000 on the Good Morning America show “Strahan, Sara and Keke” as a part of the Side Hustle Showdown, and another $10K from the Revolt Pitch Competition.

Currently, Sienna Sauce is in over 65 retail stores and is raising needed capital to expand its market share.  For more information on Sienna Sauce and the “Sauce Boss” Tyla-Simone visit

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