Hip Hop Legends Use Celebrity to Leverage Savvy Entrepreneur Deals

Snoop Dogg

Calvin Cordozar Broadus was introduced to the world as Snoop Doggy Dog in 1992 and a few years later he developed into a musical phenomenon.  Fast forward 26 years Snoop on the growing list of black men in music who have evolved and are making major power business moves.  In 2015 Snoop decided to title his co-owned private venture capital firm Casa Verde Capital and the initial focus would be on “seed investments” in the developing cannabis industry. The term Casa Verde translated means “Green House” and over the years “green smoking” is something that makes Snoop is known for. With the current legal climate of decriminalizing cannabis possession and the $45 million-dollar initial investment in Casa Verde the fund is secure and is headed towards double or possible triple-digit profits. 

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