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Industry Side Gig: Ways to Secure the Bag with Residual Income Formulas and Digital Gig Concepts

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Content Creator/Article Writing

Radio stations across the nation in ALL formats are in DIRE need for more good quality localized content creators. Most radio websites duplicate celebrity content for higher SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and while this is easy to do, it can actually HURT their SEO per market because it’s duplicate content across the board. It is hard to find the right industry people who know how to write an article.

Some corporations hire people to write stories but they don’t know radio, they don’t know SEO and they are usually not from the radio culture or the format genre, especially on the urban side. Most important the stories are not unique, engaging or compelling. Many radio corporations have told me it’s almost impossible to find a website content creators that know radio … and I believe them.

How to Write an Article

If you are a good writer and you KNOW radio and the music industry, there are side gigs waiting for you in the industry. This will not score points for me with a few radio corporations but I would STRONGLY suggest that you not take the idea to your own corporation for they very well may add it to your current job duties gratis or with a future promise of “let’s see how it works” and I can tell you that usually doesn’t work out too well for many reasons, most importantly if you LOSE your gig there goes your side gig too. BUT on the other end of that spectrum, it could make you more valuable to the company. Nevertheless, I would not suggest it.

I would suggest creating a profile on Fiverr and Upwork to get started. I can tell you that I have looked for GOOD radio writers for YEARS and they are VERY hard, if not impossible, to locate which is why I believe it when corporations say they can’t find GOOD web content creators who are also of the radio ilk. So if you can write compelling and engaging radio content AND you know radio … and even MORE important, you know WordPress? I will even hire you for a project or two to get you started. (have samples ready to show prospective clients). Click NEXT above or below for the next side gig ideas.

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