Payroll Services to Consider for Your Business


Payroll Services

Payroll Services to save time and money with your business

Businesses everywhere, big and small, are turning to automated, online services to streamline their payroll systems.

As we all know, a worker is worth his wages. And, a worker is also worth a reliable system that delivers their paycheck on time—every time. Streamlining your company’s payroll system can ensure that your employees are well taken care of. The important thing is to find the exact payroll service that is right for your business.

Here are 3 top payroll services to consider:

Intuit (Quickbooks)

This user-friendly, online system is one of the most common payroll services on the market. With a simple process for managing employee hours and earnings, Intuit promises to make “payday effortless.” Easily integrated with Quickbooks online, this platform offers 3 plans—Basic, Enhanced, and Full Service—each with their own benefits according to the size of your business and its needs. Some of the Full-Service features include:

• 24-hour direct deposit and free printed checks
• Fast, unlimited payroll runs
• Payroll taxes are done for you
• Phone, chat, and email support, including free year-end help

With Intuit’s step-by-step tutorials, you can get started quickly and easily with Intuit Payroll today.


According to their site, nine out of ten people claim that Gusto is easier to use than other payroll solutions. With slogans like Setup is a snap, and Make payroll a breeze, Gusto might be the best option if you’re looking for a straightforward start-up.

Gusto offers an on-site demo of their services and a pricing FAQ page, making their program as effortless as possible. Here are some of the features Gusto provides:

• Automated payroll and tax filings
• Unlimited number of payrolls with varied pay rates
• Online employee setup with an easy-access dashboard

Given its user-friendly interface, Gusto may be just the payroll service your growing company needs. Though it’s the newest program on our list, it has risen to the top in popularity and is continuing to gain momentum in the world of business.


Founded in 1971, and boasting more than 600,000 businesses nation-wide, Paychex may be your most trusted solution for payroll services. With 4 packages to choose from, their services range from basic payroll options to employee screening and administration assistance. Some of their features include:

• Cloud-based online platform
• Intuitive interface
• Built-in safeguards
• Payroll analytics
• Free mobile app

Another cool feature of Paychex is their extensive collection of article resources. These articles cover not only potential payroll issues but many other facets of business as well. Overall, Paychex does a great job of providing business resources you can rely on.

The bottom line is, no matter which payroll service you choose for your business, your employees deserve the most reliable payment system you can afford. Truly, a worker is worth his wages, and automating the payroll process is well-worth the investment.

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