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The Founder of BET, Robert L. Johnson is Expanding His Video Gaming Empire To The Caribbeans

The co-founder of BET Robert L. Johnson recently revealed that his video gaming operations would be gaining a more significant stronghold in the market, as they prepare to expand to all the Caribbean countries.

His company RLJ Cos., a network of business in various fields such as; private equity, entertainment, hotel franchises and automotive industries, is the highest shareholder of Caribbean CAGE. The Caribbean CAGE LLC has just concluded an exclusive agreement that will make the company the top video lottery and video gaming vendor in seven Caribbean Countries. This agreement is an official permit for Caribbean CAGE to operate more than 5000 gaming machines in St. Lucia, St. Maarten, Nevis, Guyana, St Kitts, Antigua & Barbuda and St Kitts.

The company, in their released statement, stated that CAGE would disburse and use virtual sports betting systems and games in all the terminals and mobile apps in the Caribbean countries starting from 2020.

RLJ McLarty Landers Automitive Holdings LLC, which Johnson also serves as its Chairman was listed as No. 1 on the BE AUTO 40, having gained $1.8 billion revenue.

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