Five Things You Can Do to Jump Start Your Small business Income


As always, here are some quick tips to build your business. These are things that we often overlook but could generate more revenue, of course, this is on top of providing great service. Not a lot of budget? Use services like Fiverr and Upwork.

1. Hire a young Social Media Whiz


Kids are becoming marketing machines and they are better at it than expensive ad agencies because they don’t rely on flawed research…..THEY LIVE THE LIFE.  Advertisers are now going directly to kids with huge youtube followers to push their brands and this may signal a problem for marketing agencies who have controlled how we think for far too long. Social media marketing is less biased and more factual and you should jump on this trend NOW. Grab a high school or college kid that’s always online to help promote your business. Truth be told you may also not want to skimp on what you pay them either (after they have proven themselves) because they can be extremely valuable. (click NEXT above or below)

2. Stop Chasing Dead Clients

There are some clients who will never support you, no matter what you say or do. Move on and pursue clients who are not familiar with your brand (click NEXT above or below)


3. Create an App for your business


I suggest Wiziapp if you have a website. This can be somewhat cumbersome but the push notifications are the benefit. So if you have a new product out and you want clients around the world to know about it and they opt to have a push notification, this could generate great revenue. (click NEXT above or below)


4. Ask Satisfied Clients to Promote you on Yelp


MANY people use Yelp as a way to determine if they will support your business. Make it easy for your clients by emailing them a direct link and asking them to recommend you. (click NEXT above or below)


5. Take Potential AND Established Clients out to Lunch

This is one of the oldest methods in the books that still works today. Clients like to see who they are dealing with. Make the effort and meet them for lunch. Don’t talk about competitors, even if they do and eat before you come so that you can hear everything they are saying to you.

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