Black Entrepreneur Launches Digital Community For Black-Owned Small and Medium Organizations to Collaborate

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Uhai is a Black-owned Software as a Service (SaaS) Company. In the year 2020, the company will be unveiling a permission-based messaging & linkup solution for present-day firms.

The CEO of Uhai, David Abeiku Cole Jr, stated that the innovation is designed for small to medium scale black-owned companies to create a digital community where, Black-owned profits and non-profits organizations, women club, associations etc. can linkup and communicate.

Uhai will adopt the middleware framework on the Microsoft ASP.NET developers platform to create the all-in-one solution. The software will contain; individual/group messaging, video conferencing, task assignment resource, file sharing and collaboration, searchable platform and live streaming services which can be accessed through a PC and Smartphone.
The software is currently being used by top organizations and companies such as NATO, Deutsche Telekom, Achieva Credit Union, Teoco and many others from different part of the world.

Uhai believes that the software will provide small and medium scale Black-owned companies with a secure and reliable messaging and collaboration solution that will eradicate time drain, email fatigue while enjoying increased efficiency in productivity.

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