5 Things to do when Your Day is Off to a Bad Start that...

Entrepreneurs have surely experienced those days when you notice things are not going well immediately. There is some truth to the adage "I got...

Want to Succeed as a black entrepreneur? Get a Mentor and…

Mentors Key to Small business Owner Success You have a compelling business model ... ambition ... black entrepreneurial spirit. Add in a solid business plan...

Former Marine and Inmate Frederick Hutson has Great Idea for Successful business

Frederick Hutson is the CEO of Pigeonly, a platform that identifies and organizes data on the incarcerated. A born black entrepreneur, he launched and...

5 Ways You May Be Killing Your business

Are you a producer, singer, promoter, blogger, writer... whatever kind of black entrepreneur you are this information can help you. My name is Kevin Ross...

Savvy Radio Pro Charlamagne the God Creates Opportunities by Going Against the Grain


Lenard McKelvey aka "Charlamagne tha God" is an black entrepreneur of sorts, who is smart enough to manage his own career [...]
reasons clients don't buy your services

5 Reasons Potential Clients are Not Buying Your Services

Clients Are Not Buying Your Services? Here's Why ... No matter what business you are in, if a client doesn't see the perceived value of...

Beware of the FALSE Potential Customer, Lurking for Free Information


FALSE Potential Customer

FALSE Potential Customer - We have all seen and dealt with potential customers who truly waste our time. [...]

Brand Expert Sheila Coates Talks to Blog Wallet

Brand Ambassador Sheila Coates Talks to Blog Wallet Blog Wallet talked to Sheila Coates recently. Coates is considered to be one of the best in...

The 10 Greatest Misconceptions of Being an Entreprenuer

Over the years I have been amazed at how some people think minority black entrepreneurs live and work. Most people are very comfortable with the...

Secrets of Successful black entrepreneurs

By Michael Glauser, Next Avenue Contributor The Silicon Valley approach for building companies has become the main strategy taught at many business schools. It goes...

Three Way Split, Old Lady in Need and the black entrepreneur


Yesterday, I had lunch with an associate. [...]

Blog business: Making the Most Money with Google Adsense

Making the Most Money with Google Adsense CONTENT IS KING but the way you POST the Content is law Copying a story for your blog that...

My greatest lesson learned as an black entrepreneur: Ken Wilson, music industry veteran promoter


My greatest lesson learned as an black entrepreneur

Ken Wilson

Music Industry Veteran  promoter that helped established J records and [...]

Beats Electronics to be Acquired by Apple

Apple is set to acquire headphone maker and music company Beats Electronics for a reported $3.2 billion. This deal could literally nudge rapper/producer Dr...

How to Stop Wasting Time and GROW YOUR business TD Jakes Video

I have included a link to an EXCELLENT video by TD Jakes about leveraging your time. What are you going to do with the...